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Driving Lesson

*This driving test is for a class D driver license. We do not offer the CDL road test.

How to book
  • All booking is done thru txt to avoid any intrusion.

  • Check the available times below.

  • Click on the time slot you want.

  • follow the instructions to book the slot.

  • New available times are posted each Sunday for that week.

  • You may schedule a time, for that week, once they're posted.

  • Check here for test info

Cancellation Policy

There's no canceling fee.

After receiving a confirmation, you may cancel your booking at any time. We understand emergencies happen, students get psyched out, etc. However, we only ask that you have the courtesy to txt and inform us ahead of time a minimum of 4 hours.

Late Policy

If you're more than 10 minutes late, your booked time may be subject to cancellation. We're aware that there are unavoidable circumstances. However, this policy is to respect those who are on time.


Heat: Your vehicle must have working AC. tests will not be conducted if it doesn't work. No exceptions.

Hygiene: unless you have a permanent "newborn" smell, deodorant and hygienic care should be a normal practice. You don't want to be trapped in a room with a dirty diaper, so please give the same respect.

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