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Changing where you go

for your road test


While it's not the driver license division's fault for being backed up, we know you are on the receiving end of the issue. As a 3rd-party testing school, we're here to help solve that problem.

Let's face it. Whether it's out of necessity to get to work, school, run errands, making extra income, burdening others for a ride or just can't afford "taxi" apps, you need to get your license. Let us help make this one part of your journey easy one.

Due to high volumes of people taking the road test and limited manpower to meet the demand at a manageable rate, the State of Utah devised a way to help ease the load on the D.L.D. (driver license division) year after year, while also helping increase economical business opportunities.


3rd-Party Road Testing has been around for over 20+ years, yet people still seem to be in the dark about this available option. To help people become more aware, we're shining the spot light on it for you.

Simply put, the official driving test can be administered by certified 3rd-party testing companies (like us) as if it were taken at the D.L.D. not only to help take pressure off of them, but to also give you a quicker option for you.

What Sets Us Apart

Regardless of what 3rd-party you use, the test is conducted with the same guidelines as the DLD to keep it consistent for everyone. However, with us, you come first! You are not another number. You are a person who’ll be sharing the exact roads we drive on, so we care if you can drive.

Another thing to note is at the DLD, you must be eligible to obtain your license in order to take the test. With us, you can take the test as long as you have a valid permit (or Country license. If you pass, you just hold on to your test result until the day you're eligible. It's a small matter that makes a big difference.

We understand taking the final road test is exciting for some and unnerving for others, so we do our best to do right by you, no matter the outcome.  We make sure that when you test with us, you understand what it is you’re being tested on & answer any questions before we head out. Afterward, we explain what driving skills you’re great at and what skills you need to gain or improve upon. Failing is hard sometimes, but a necessary part of growth and if it happens, we’ll take time to explain:

  • What actually caused you to fail

  • How it relates to being a practical issue on the road or to others

  • How to fix the issues in detail for the test & practicality

  • Other issues that could pose potential problems in the future

  • Textbook vs Practical driving skills


Pass or Fail, we do our best to help you leave with better skills & knowledge than you came with.

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