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Man Driving in Car

*This driving test is for a class D driver license. We do not offer the CDL road test.

Driving Test

Utah State certified road test

20 min

The test takes 10-15 minutes.

All questions are answered before the test.

Results are given after the test is completed.


We accept Cash or Card only.

small process fee for cards.

no checks or cash apps.

The test is conducted at our location in Utah County

It is a home location, so please respect the neighborhood.

Park either in driveway or across the street in the church lot.

Please find the location & practice in the area ahead of time.

*do not park on the south side of the road. you will not be tested.

Test Description

You will demonstrate your driving ability with the examiner.

The student and the examiner are the only occupants allowed in the vehicle during the driving skills test.  In addition to road rules and regulations, you will be graded on the use of proper driving skillsets, habits, concepts, awareness and overall consistency in your abilities; other important elements of safe driving, such as your general behavior, attitude and responses to present situations. During the test, you will not be asked to do anything illegal or set up in any way to purposely fail.

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