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  • What do I need to test with you?
    You'll need the following: 15yrs of age Utah State Learner Permit - issued by the driver license division Or - No Privilege document accompanied by out of Country license Testing fee - cash or card only (we do not accept checks) small process fee for cards Vehicle - it does not have to be your vehicle it must be registered, insured & clean of debris.
  • What restricts me from testing with any 3rd party?
    You may not use a 3rd-party testing company if: You're required to take a review exam by the DLD You've been required to take additional hours of driving instruction by the DLD
  • Does Driver's Ed need to be finished first?
    No. You may still take the road test before you complete driver's ed. That is, if you take your test at a 3rd-party. If you're over the age of 19, you only need to hold your permit for 90 days. During that time, you may take the test. However, if you take your test at the DLD, you must complete driver's ed and everything else before taking the test, since (assuming you pass) they have the ability to issue your license right after.
  • How is the test graded? How do you fail?
    The test is graded based on a point system. You start with 100 points and in order to pass the test, you must achieve 80% or higher and cannot miss more than 20 points. Everything that you miss, or do wrong, you will be deducted a number of points, determined by the seriousness of the mistake. While it is a point system, there are 3 ways a person may fail. Point System Fail making random mistakes racking up to 21 points or higher. Quick Fail ​​​​​​​consistently showing bad habits or missing State required habits at least 3 or more times ​​​​​​​habits such as: ​​​​​​​late/missed headchecks late/missed signals rolling stops 1-handed steering poor vehicle control etc. Automatic Fail ​​​​​​​any dangerous action or violation of the law committed during the test. ​​​​​​​Dangerous actions such as: ​​​​​​​rolling onto a curb hitting any stationary object speeding in school zone or when children are present running a red light or stop sign driving on wrong side of the road turning from/into the wrong lane improper lookout etc.
  • Who can bring me to take the test?
    Anyone who's licensed is allowed to bring you. Parent/Guardian, sibling, friend, neighbor. It would be a bit weird if it were a stranger... but hey, no judgement here!
  • Can someone ride with us during the test?
    The state does not allow anyone in the car except the tester & examiner. Those who have come with you may wait in my office during your test.
  • If I fail, how soon can I retake the test?
    The following day is the earliest you can retake the test. Any 2nd test in a single day will automatically be voided by the DLD. People have tried.
  • What are some tips to pass?
    There's no simpler answer than this: Consistent Practice 4 days a week (minimum) proper maneuvers & turns quick & decisive responses using different intersections in-vehicle order of operations awareness of surroundings spacing, timing & distance reading courtesy for others pushing your limits of control This will help you effectively stay confident & worry less about your abilities & focus more on present situations during the test. You don't think about the movement of your toes & calves when you walk. Make your skillset as natural & thoughtless as walking.
  • What's the 3 Strike Rule? Do you follow it?
    If you happen to fail too many times at the DLD, you'll be required to sign off more driving hours with a licensed instructor. Once completed, you may ONLY go back to the DLD to retake the road test. 3rd-party road tests will no longer be a door you can walk through. We're not held by that rul, which means you may take the test beyond that limit, if necessary. Asking questions prior to the test can help you avoid this.
  • Will I get marked for things I was wrongly taught? "I didn't know"
    Yes. If you're taught wrong & you do it unknowingly, it will still be marked. So it's best to ask questions, to the person testing you, about anything you're second-guessing or what you've learned. If you don't know a stove is hot and you touch it, you will still have the consequence of getting burned.
  • Do you offer driver's Ed?
    We do not. We are a Testing Only School which provides the Utah state road test for a class D driver's license. However, here are some Driver Education Schools we recommend: Utah Driving School Alta Driving Academy Dave's Driving School A-1 Driving School
  • Do you offer driving sessions?
    Unfortunately we do not offer private driving sessions or behind the wheel sessions for driver's ed.
  • High school driver's ed vs driving schools
    The phrase, "the more, the better" is true in a lot of cases, but not this one. High school driver's ed Taking driver's ed through a school has been the most common way of taking it, but it seems to be (in my opinion) the most strung out process and adds more stress than there needs to be. Note: All driver's ed must be completed through the high school if you go this route. These are the required hours to complete a driver education course in high school: - 27 hours of high school classroom instruction - 18 hours of behind the wheel instruction Private Company (recommended) This is done at your pace & the pace of the private school, which is genuinely quick, compared to high school. - 30 hours of (State approved) online/home study course - 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction
  • Are there really 3 brothers?
    Sadly, no... There's actually 7 of us. 😁
  • Misconceptions about "good" drivers
    What determines your skill is a simple equation. Consistent daily practice + applied knowledge in actual experience = particular skillset What isn't a viable skill evaluation? "I can drive on the freeway" "I've driven over ____ miles" "I've completed my driving hours" "My parents have me drive on road trips" "I drive long trips all the time" "I've driven for ___+ years" "I have a license in my Country" "I have an international license" "I have a car" "I'm better than my siblings" "I trust my child. . ." Go and improve your skill! The test will rat you out.
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